Inspire others / Buddy up

Pledge to support other young people to be healthier, volunteer in local services, or buddy up with other young people and share your activities.
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Group Running

Being active and eating healthy can seem like a minefield to some...

Theres so much information out there, with sometimes conflicting messages too, and often places like gyms can seem scary to go alone... so, its no uncommon for people to fall at the first hurdle...

When, all that's needed is to take a simple first step, finding something you enjoy and just doing what we can.

That's where as a community we can support others, that's where you could help someone else towards a healthier lifestyle and to start being active and remain active and healthier in the long run, developing their confidence and enjoyment as they progress!

You can volunteer with local services, such as the Healthy Living Team, helping others to be more active.

Why not head to our Facebook page and chat about what activities you do to inspire others to try or to get invovled. Maybe someone might want to try your group session and you could support them in attending their first session.