St Helens Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor Gyms are now located across 6 of your local parks, completely FREE for you to use. 

Nanny Goat Park 3  (1)


When you visit a gym there is plenty of information to help you to exercise safely. Look for the sign at the entrance (similar to below) and follow the numbers around each machine. At each machine you will also find instructions, guidance on what to do and if you have your smart phone you can scan the QR code to watch a video demonstration.

When you use a gym dont forget to let us know by tagging us on Facebook or using our #gymselfieStH

Why not also make a pledge to use the gyms and let us help to keep you motivated and active?

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The gyms are located in:

Queens Park Outdoor Gym

Queens _(6)[1]


Taylor Park Outdoor Gym

Taylor _(5)[1]


Old Lane Park Outdoor Gym

Old _Lane _(4)[1]


Nanny Goat Park Outdoor Gym

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Mesnes Park Outdoor Gym

Mesnes _(3)[1]


Sherdley Park Outdoor Gym

Sherdley _(1)[1]